General Info Edit

Birthday: N/A

Style Number: N/A

Introduced: 12/12/1998

Retired: 12/12/1998

Swing Tag Generation: 5

Tushtag Generation: 6

Number One's Poem Edit

In appreciation of selling over

several Billion dollars during 1998

and achieving the industry ranking of

Number 1 in Gift sales, Number1 in Collectable sales,

Number 1 in Cash register area sales

Number 1 in Markup %

I present to you

This signed and

Numbered Bear!

Other Info Edit

Number 1 was a special Beanie Baby only distributed to TY sales executives, thus leading to only 253 being produced, making them fairly rare to obtain. It has been found that many have made false Number 1s, and sold them off as being the real one. This makes it even more difficult to get an original bear, although the real ones sell fairly high. The real ones were signed by Ty Warner himself. Fake bears include a fake tushtag, fake Ty Warner signature, among others.

A counterfeit tushtag

Appearance Edit

Number 1 is an original bear model, its color is red and has a #1 on the right side of the chest. On the Swing Tag, it has Ty Warner's signature on one side.